Our offering includes a range of Millwright services and covers a wide range of Industries and Equipment

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Programs   Staff Support   Facility Maintenance   Machine Guarding

• Reduce Operating Costs
• Reduce Down Time
• Extend Equipment Life

We will clean, degrease and inspect your equipment to evaluate its condition, then recommend a Preventative Maintenance (PM) Program that will work to meet your needs.

Preventative Maintenance


We can supply additional support to your team as needed. Many of our customers don't have internal Millwright staff and depend on Carmichael Services for their needs.

We supply you with a Millwright for 1, 2 or 3 days per week on a term basis to support your business requirements without having to change your head count or hire

You can utilize our Millwright for
Preventative Maintenance, Facility Upkeep, Machine Repairs or Upgrades and so much more, at no additional cost.

This includes, but is not limited to Facility Maintenance - see next panel.


Fire Extinguisher and Emergency Lights

Our Facility Maintenance includes the following services:

• Set up a Log Book to track Monthly Inspection Records and leave it on site

• Document all changes and repairs

• Complete both monthly
and annual inspections of Emergency Lights, which includes 30 minutes illumination of light annually

• Repair and replace any defective Fire Extinguishers and Emergency Lights

• Replace Office / Building Lights


Is your machinery up-to-date and in compliance with today's guarding standards? If not, we can help. Our Millwrights work with you to ensure your equipment is in compliance.

• Physical Guarding
• Fabrication/Installation

Machine Guarding